Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life of the Mind at UT

Please join me today at 3 pm at the Baker Center's Toyota room for a workshop on teaching Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains.  We will be focusing on guiding discussion.  Did you know that faculty who use indirect teacher talk and build on student ideas will improve student outcomes and performance (Angelo and Cross 1993)?  Indirect teacher talk includes affirmative words and praise (yes, good, interesting etc), the use of ideas (your comment, Darryl, reminds us to think about...), and asking questions (could you say more about this?  Kati, what do you think about Yvonne's statement?  Could you all tell me, what is another application of Kati's idea?).

For more on Paul Farmer and Partners in Health, visit http://www.pih.org/ or watch Farmer on Aids
How a college class can change your life or Farmer on Human Rights.

Listen to NPR's Melissa Block, on  All Things Considered, talk with the author, Tracy Kidder: 

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